Sin isn’t just sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll; it is our natural bent toward the gutter. Sin is a simple word for that place of brokenness deep inside each one of us which, when expressed sabotages our best intentions, hurts the ones we love, and causes us pain and grief.

The reality of sin is hard to face.

Yet as a church, we choose to face it head on, and to trust Jesus Christ with our sin, with us.

Here is the gospel, in other words the good news:

God loves us! He created us for relationship with Him. When we turned away He came for us, in the flesh, to rescue us from sin’s dark power and to restore us to a relationship Him.

We speak here of Jesus Christ. The Son of God who was sent for us.  

Jesus offered Himself for our sins, in our place on the cross where He purchased our freedom and grants us perfect standing with God.

This is the gift that God offers to you. Freely.

As with any gift, you must receive it. Trust Jesus for this. Enter into a loving, eternally secure relationship with the Almighty through Jesus Christ.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved." 

Then participate with Grace United and learn to soar in your relationship with Jesus and the newfound freedom of God’s grace.