We worship a great God and we want to invest in something bigger than us: God’s mission.

Being the body of Christ together in the beautiful way that Jesus intended.

Helping people and sharing the good news that Jesus reconciles hurting, angry, empty people—for whoever believes in Him shall be saved.

Good news. God’s glory. Grace and redemption. New life. This is what Jesus is about. This is what we want to be about.

We don’t have it all figured out, and we don't always do this well, but we trust Jesus and we share this desire.

If this is what you're looking for, bring your heart and faith, and your skills, or just bring your curiosity, and join us.

10:00 AM 

Smith Vocational School 

(80 Locust Street Northampton)

We are committed to help you soar in your relationship with Jesus Christ

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Our life groups meet tonight. Check out our "GROW" page for more information. 


Women's Breakfast! Join others at Easthampton Diner @ 8:30 AM.


Grace United worship at the Elks Lodge at 10:00 AM. A fascinating look at the Worldwide Flood and it's meaning for us today.