Our path to Spiritual growth

Our Path to Spiritual Growth

Ultimately we want to love God, love one another, and share the good news with the world.

We follow a simple process, a path that can help lead you there.

It can be as simple as three words: know. connect. love.

When we know God and connect with believers, and we act on our faith to love others, our relationship with Jesus is transformational. We make a difference. He influences our lives and relationships, and our influence in the world.

Our Recommendation for You

In order to soar with Jesus Christ and make a difference where you are, we recommend that you:

  • Know God | engage in the Word and act on the truths that touch your heart
  • Connect with other believers | be in community with other believers
  • Love others | bless others through in word and deeds.

Our Responsibility to You

As a church, we strive to:

  • Teach gospel-rich truths in understandable ways to help you know God
  • Provide community for individuals to process life and heal, and to follow Jesus
  • Equip you to love and bless others out of your relationship with Christ