Next Steps Grace United Church

Next Steps for Online Viewers

If you have been viewing online only, fantastic, welcome to Grace United. If at some point you want to jump in and do something more, we suggest a few next steps.

1. If you are unsure of your eternal future, trust Jesus Christ for eternal life and God's favor! Jesus gives it freely to all that trust Him for it.

2. Since Christian community is so important for our growth, say "hello," or email us with any questions which you may have about Jesus or eternal life or living free in Christ.

Whether you're on Facebook or YouTube or wherever you watch, let us know you're viewing with us.

1. If you're up to it, join us in-person any Sunday at 10:00 AM @ SVAHS in Northampton.

2. Since our faith in Jesus is meant to effect our lives, look for ways that God is leading you to love or bless others.

3. Serve as an ambassador of Christ for this church online, or use other gifts to serve remotely. Let us know how we may be able to partner together.

For encouragement or support, email us: