Next Steps for New Believers

Next Steps for New Believers

If you are a new believer, awesome. There's so much for you to receive and grow into but what's the next step?

A “next step” is any action that you take towards walking with God, being in community, and blessing others.

Here are a few suggested next steps:

1. Take a next step to read or study God's Word.

The goal is to begin to know God and see things from His perspective.

Purchase a Bible (we can help with that) or download the Bible App and read The Gospel of John. Next, read through the New Testament letter of Paul to the Ephesians. Let us know, we can help or even hook you up with someone to read with you or answer any questions.

The importance of reading the Bible to know God and His ways is incredible beyond words.

2. Take a next step to be in community.

Attend Grace United or a Bible believing church near you. Get involved in a GU life group or serve on a GU team with others. Let us know, we can pair you up with someone to process truth and life with.

3. Take a next step to live out your faith in Jesus.

It is important to begin to "respond" to Jesus and to act on the truths you believe.

Your faith in God's goodness or the Lord's forgiveness or Jesus promise of eternal life and eternal security may be challenged. Choose to trust and live out of God's forgiveness when you fail or feel condemned. Choose to believe that Christ is with you even when you feel alone; turn to Him; rely on Him. Don't just feel loved but act on the love that God pours into your heart. Every response to God's grace is a step deeper into your relationship with the Lord.

For answers or support in this, email us