Wisdom for Christian Protestors Who Want to Honor Christ

Here are a few more thoughts for Christian protestors who are concerned to think and act in harmony with Jesus Christ regarding the police brutality and racial justice at center stage.


If your heart is led to protest, go for it. Yet as a follower of Jesus, do so in a way that honors Jesus.


First, put your faith in Jesus not in the protest.


Simple. Jesus changes things and He uses Christians for this; and this is a terrible tragedy that continues.


So lend your voice, bring this to people's awareness.


Second, don't hurt innocent people's lives or property. Protest peacefully.


This is actually problematic for many. This sounds inflammatory to some, white privilege, yet it's been voiced by many poc including George Floyd's younger brother Terence Floyd.


George Floyd’s younger brother spoke to protestors, saying, “I know my brother would not want violence. Let’s do this peacefully, please.” 


This comes off as stifling a revolution, but this is George Floyd's own family speaking for the man they knew best.


Still, we want to obey Christ on top of honoring the Floyd family.


Yet, what about that time that Jesus acted with a passionate strength against the shocked vendors who violated justice and preyed on the poor in His Father's house? Yes, Jesus did that. And it was awesome.


We talk about this because it kind of surprises us, considering every other teaching, and the practice of the early church was peaceful yet world-changing. Still Jesus did this, and it's a great example. 


So, if by faith you can enter the crowds and protest with the spirit of Christ, go for it. Many Christians do.


But how does following Jesus on this point look today? Well, look at Jesus in His most passionate activism.


     Jesus was angry but He did not hate.


     Jesus didn't participate in a violent mob scene.


     Jesus exclusively targeted those who were directly responsible, and He caused no harm to others.


     Jesus limited his activity to the disruption of business without physical destruction.


An argument can be made that it doesn't matter. The crisis throws all of this out the window.


If you wish to protest and honor Jesus, go for it; this is a big issue for our day and Christians should lead the way. Yet trust Jesus, and understand that the most effectual way to protest is through prayer.


     Prayer realizes men's hearts are evil and that change is slow.


     Prayer goes straight to the source of power.


     Prayer models Jesus life without question.


     Prayer allows God to bring hope and peace to your heart as well as to bear His power on the situation.