Looking for a Good Bible Reading Plan? Here are Some Good Ones You Can Start Today.

It is so important for us to keep our heads and hearts attuned to God and aware of His words. The Bible is by far the greatest source of truth and the surest way to hear from God.

Yet deciding to read God's Word is often hindered by not knowing where to start, or what to read.

We recommend reading a book at a time, wherever you start.

For example, if you want to read the Gospel of John or the book of Romans or Ephesians, all of which we'd recommend, start from the beginning and read through to the end of the book in however many sittings it takes. If you use a printed Bible rather than a Bible app, just be sure to have a handy bookmark and pick it up where you left off.

Sometimes we need more inspiration than this. This is where a good Bible reading plan can help.

We recommend you download the free YouVersion Bible app. This app offers many good Bible readings plans. As an alternative, men might head over to hereadstruth.com or download the app, and women might try shereadstruth.com or their app for women.

While there are many good plans, and many no-so-good plans here are a few we recommend.

If you want to read the whole Bible, here are a couple of good options:

Walk Through the Bible 365

One Year Chronological Plan

If you are a new believer, choose from these plans to get you started:

Start Here

Journey #1: Start

Next Steps: I Met Jesus

For the importance of the Bible and an explanation for how to read it see the following:

The Bible Explained

How to Start Reading the Bible

If you're still a skeptic, this might help you to think through Jesus and the Christian life:

Unconvinced: Exploring Faith as a Skeptic

This is recommended for the more cynical among us:

Beating Cynicism

This is a good plan to help with a next step in your spiritual growth:

Nine Keys to Walking in Christ

Freedom In Christ

This Bible reading plan can help you to engage in blessing others:

Hope Still Lives Here