Perspective on George Floyd's Murder

Jesus Christ is passionate for mercy and justice (Micah 6:8).

He opposes the heartless abuse of power at every level (Jeremiah 22:17).

He honors the dignity of every person, opposes racism, condemns murder, and He tells us to speak up for the powerless and the vulnerable (Proverbs 31:8-9).

It's fair to say our Lord hates George Floyd's senseless murder and grieves with his family over his brutal death.

It's also fair to say Jesus Christ understands the pain, fear, and frustration that the community feels, even in the cities that burn.

As you watch what's happening in cities across America, I encourage you not to be distracted by the violent protests of relatively few people. It can incite your own anger—or break your heart considering that many of these destroyed businesses are minority-owned and employed.

While God understands the sense of injustice and the desperation behind some of the violence, He does not condone the violence or looting.

But, if I may, the burning and looting, destructive as it is, is secondary; these are tragic responses of the desperate, those who feel they have no other way to be heard, as well as others who exploit the opportunity.

The sense of injustice that you or I may feel seeing what seems like senseless burning and looting on our screens may help us to understand the grave sense of injustice, sadness, and feeling of powerlessness, yet also the feeling of prejudice and lack of worth that I can only imagine many African Americans have felt for too a long time.