Five Conversation Starters With God

You may already have enough things going on in your life to talk with God about so you may not need any "conversation starters." It's pretty easy,  "Lord, I'm exhausted, help me." "Father, I'm afraid for my parents and grandchildren, please protect them from getting this awful virus." "Lord, I'm going crazy over the mask mandates and government shutdown of businesses and holidays, come Lord Jesus."

Yet sometimes when I desire to speak with God, I don't know what to say. This happens too often.

If you are anything like me, you may need some help. So here's my list of five conversation starters with God for when you're mind is numb or your body is exhausted or you just don't feel particularly close with God.

1. Thank Him for His good gifts

This is a great conversation starter. "Father in heaven, thank you!" Who doesn't want to hear something like that. Aw, what are you thankful for? Tell Him. Go ahead. Count your blessings and ascribe them to the LORD. Remember all the good things in your life, all the good gifts that your Father has given you. This often turns into praise and worship and gives us a lighter perspective.

Start a new conversation with God by sharing with Him what you're grateful for. This is good for your personal fellowship with God, and for your soul.

2. Ask for His help

This isn't always a great conversation starter with most other individuals, but it draws God's heart and ears to the child of His that admits our need and asks for His help.

So this takes faith in the grace of God and in the merits of Christ. "Can I keep asking God for help even though I don't do enough for Him?" YES. He needs nothing. And we desperately need Him. He likes it that way. It's the only way this relationship works.

This also takes humility or wisdom or experience to admit, "I can't do it." But God gives grace to the humble. "So, no, I can't do it, but I trust that You don't expect me to do this anyway."

We don't impress God when we do things on our own or in our own strength. 

Ask our Lord for the strength, the wisdom, and the will to do what is best. Ask Him for what you think you need yet keep in mind and in prayer that it's "not my will but Yours" that you both want done.

3. Pray for others

Seems this is a conversation we  should have more often. Think of others in need, and rather than worry as you think of them and their problems, pray. Trust. Ask our heavenly Father on behalf of those who are in need.

Many people ask us to pray for them, sometimes because they are not even praying. Join the Holy Spirit in praying for one another and trusting God with them. This may be the gist of the conversation, or morph into praise for God's goodness or prayer for your own needs.

4. Confess your sins and trust our LORD to restore you

If you don't have anything else to say, bring up the things that shame you, the things you want freedom from. "Lord, this sin is kicking my arse." "Lord, I didn't trust you, i went outside your will, ignored your word, hurt someone who loves me, etc."

God is always willing to talk about things like this because He wants to free you from sin's bondage and for you to be confident in His love.

This is a matter of humility and trust, and is super liberating. Humility, yes, to admit you sin, you hurt people, you're selfish and you often ignore the Lord. In other words, you're human!

Own it. Then be liberated from the shame of it. God responds with grace. He is faithful and just to forgive you and to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. Trust Him and walk away from that conversation with renewed hope. This too can be the whole of the conversation, or lead to other issues. But God wants you to hear from Him that you are forgiven and whole.

5. Worship Him

If you're brain is numb or your heart is racing this may be hard but it is awesome to just remember the glories of God and praise Him for the things you love and admire about our Lord.

Praise Jesus for His grace, the Father for His love, the Spirit for His fellowship. Praise the LORD for the cross, for His sovereignty and power, His wisdom and compassion. For the free gift of eternal life, the righteousness of Christ, the promises of a future and a destiny and the glory to come.

God loves to talk about such things. And it's good for the soul that engages with Him.